Retreat Your Life | Bali

Retreat Your Life | Bali

from 500.00

A non refundable deposit of $500 per person is required in order to reserve your place. Please note that if the room is booked as a double, deposits are due for both occupants. Final payments are due in June 15.

All rooms can be booked as either a Single (room to yourself) or as a Double (sharing with a friend / partner). Prices are as follows. See photos & details of rooms on retreat page.

ROOM: Single occupancy rate | Double occupancy rate

Jungle Room $1800 $1600
Retro Room $1800 $1600
Java House $1800 $1600
Tree House $1800 $1600
Pool House $1900 $1700
White House $1800 $1600
The Boutique $1900 $1700
The Hut $1700 $1500

See all the details on the rooms at the Retreat Your Life page here.

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