The Grove | Floral City

Retreat Your Life at The Grove

Thursday, April 18 - Monday, April 22.

Floral City, Florida

Where is your sense of wonder?

Wonder (verb)

to be curious to know something.

synonyms: ponder, ask oneself, think about, meditate on, reflect on, deliberate about, muse on.

Restore your sense of wonder. With nature, with yourself.



What to look forward to...

5 days & 4 nights at Wonderfield Farm & Grove. Sixty-six acres of “old Florida” - nature preserve, cypress swamps, and abundant Florida citrus trees.

3 professionally prepped meals per day

Daily yoga & meditation

Workshops & Special Events - Acro yoga, Cacao ceremony, Explore meditation, Arts & Journaling, Campfires, and so much more!

A day trip to see the famous springs of Florida.

To be fearless isn’t really to overcome fear, it’s to come to know it’s nature.
— Pema Chödron


About Your Hosts….


Tara Lynn Hubbard

Delighted to teach and also delighted to learn, Tara will be leading the yoga and some meditation for this retreat.

Her classes are inspired from the time she spent studying yoga in Vietnam and India, where she immersed herself in Sivananda yoga. Some describe Tara’s classes more as a moving meditation - with focus put on moving with intention, being aware of the body, and the breath.

Founder of Om the Go, Tara’s passion lies in seeing your yoga practice grow to a point where you can come home to yourself through your practice, no matter where you are in the world.


Matthew Phillip Sauer

Meet Matthew, the man that is bringing the Cacao magic to The Grove! Matthew is a Cacao practitioner and certified Cacaoga guide.

Founder of Macaos, Brotherhood of Betterment, and the creator of Yoga for the Birds at the Seaside Seabird Sanctuary, Matthew is the embodiment of community.

Join Matthew and Macaos at The Grove Retreat, as he shares with us the sacred plant medicine of Cacao to open our hearts with love and gratitude. Known to the Aztecs as “food of the gods” we will rise together. We will give thanks and go inward as we sync prana (breath) to heart. We will close the ceremony with a heart opening metta meditation, sending our love out into the universe.


Silvester Zheku

Silvester is a voracious reader, writer and avid student of literature, philosophy, history and psychology. After having profound life experiences through meditation and yoga, he has been on a journey of transformation and Self-Actualization. He loves distilling esoteric concepts into modern lessons and is a huge fan of the Socratic method. He believes dialogue among peers is critical for growth and personal development.

“By living an examined life we strengthen our individual selves and the world around us. All of life is contained within the present moment; our entire world rests within our perception of it.”

Silvester leads a series of “Tangential Meditations” currently at The Studieaux in St. Pete, FL where he combines mindfulness meditation, philosophy and insightful journaling prompts.

How do you free yourself? In the deepest sense, you free yourself by finding yourself.
— Michael A. Singer


$100 | Per Person for camping

$150 | Per Person for bunk room

$200 | Per Person for cottage (SOLD OUT)

Camp out at The Grove…

Campers must bring their own tent, linens, and towels. Anything you will need to survive for your 4 nights sleeping amongst the ancient oaks! You will have access to a bathroom with a shower.

Bunk in the Barn…

Adjacent to the barn, bunk out in an a/c room. Linens provided!

You will have access to a bathroom with a shower.

Bunk in the Cottage…

Book a bunk bed in a semi-private room in this cute cottage. Shared bathroom.

Cozy Up in the Cottage…

Share a queen bed in the private master bedroom of this cute cottage.

Please note, the bed will be shared so best to book with a friend or significant other!

Bathroom is shared with the cottage.

Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.
— Carl jung